One of my passions is San Francisco architecture. I have researched hundreds of architects who were practicing in San Francisco between 1850 and 1950 and have built-up an extensive database of properties and the architects who designed them  (over 15,000 so far). I have written profiles on over 100 of the individuals and firms practicing during the first century of San Francisco's growth.  Every other month from January 2001 to May 2006, the New Fillmore neighborhood newspaper published an article of mine on Pacific Heights architects. Those printed are shown below, with the series sequence number in parentheses.  A few other profiles I have previously published are also available for your review.  If you have interest in, or special knowledge of, a particular San Francisco-based architect, please contact me.  If you have a San Francisco property address and wish to know who the architect was, just e-mail me.  The fee for the information is minimal.  I can also tailor an article to feature that property.  If you are thinking of selling or marketing a significant home or apartment building, or a unit in a fine condominium or co-operative apartment building, you need this information to establish the provenance.
F. Frederic Amandes
Ashley & Evers
Earle B. Bertz
Bliss & Faville
Theo S. Boehm
Edward G.Bolles
Arthur Brown, Jr.
Morris M. Bruce
D. H. Burnham & Co.
Burnham & Root
C. O. Clausen
Cranston & Keenan
W. H. Crim, Jr
Gardner Dailey
Edmond H. Denke
Leo J. Devlin
James Francis Dunn
Louis O. Ebbets
Joseph Esherick
Oliver Everett
E. T. Foulkes
Henry Geilfuss
William F. Gunnison
Henry Gutterson
William H. Hamilton
Charles I. Havens
E.A. Hermann
J. C. Hladik
Hyman & Appleton
Richard R. Irvine
Alfred H. Jacobs
Jim Jennings
Bernard J. Joseph
George Kelham
Arthur J. Laib
Albert H. Larsen
Augustus Laver
Joseph A. Leonard
William H. Lillie
Moses J. Lyon
J. C. Mathews & Son
Ida McCain
Eric Mendelsohn
Henry H. Meyers
James R. Miller
James H. Mitchell
L. C. Mullgardt
Emil A. Neumarkel
Frederic Nickerson (26)
Percy & Hamilton (18)
Timothy Pflueger
Albert Pissis
John A. Porporato
Porter & Steinwedell
Frederick W. Quandt
Joseph J. Rankin
William W. Rednall
Charles M. Rousseau
Salfield & Kohlberg
Houghton Sawyer
Henry C. Smith
William F. Smith
Douglas Dacre Stone
Harold Stoner
Charles F. Strothoff
Albert Sutton
Clarence A. Tantau
Newton J. Tharp
Oliver G.Traphagen
Frank S. Van Trees 
Edward J. Vogel 
Clarence R. Ward
Carl Werner
William H. Wharff
Charles F. Whittlesey
and several more!
David Parry
David Parry
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